GW Week in Review #3

Let’s look over what’s been going on at GW.

Paperjack is devving things

Paperjack has been working on a tower defense esque game. Not much else was given in terms of detail, but it’s likely made in Godot because that’s his favorite. Here’s a screenshot of him doing some rendering stuff.


Farren is making things

Farren has been working on building up a ficitional universe of his own called Kinder Cosmic, which is the tale of two aliens wanting to have a better understanding of humanity.

From his topic:

Ok so I’ve created something that at this point can best be described as a “Book” but more than that it’s become this kind of multimedia evolving project which I’m working with a young artist to turn into something like a webcomic/graphic novel. What “Kinder Cosmic” is, is this interwoven series of books and short stories that goes together like it’s own “Cthulhu Mythos” except way, way more cohesive than Lovecraft work because alot of it is purposefully multilayered and premeditated. To understand exactly what Kinder Cosmic is and what I’m doing with it THE BEST WAY is honestly just to read some of it and see how it vibes with you and what it does for you.

Dada has been working on the forums!

He has been working hard on the forums, and the largest portion of the work was creating a convertor to make sure that old posts would carry over successfully. According to dada, the largest portion of the work has been finished and things should be able to be converted successfully soon. I look forward to see the new forums up and runnign soon!

And on a final note, the GW Gamejam #1 for November is 18 days away. We have 12 people who have joined in so far. If you haven’t, make sure to sign up and join in on the fun!

Question of the week: What is your favorite creative project that you have worked on?

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