GW Mailbag Returns: Episode 1

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many more Mailbags to come. Feel free to leave your questions here, on our discord, or on the forums (if they are up at the time that you are reading this).

Long ago, before I really even posted anything on the forums I would submit dumb questions on the GamingW main site in hopes that they would be answered. I remember once I reported that Gnomes stole my pants. Both my pants and the gnomes have been missing to this day.

It was all good fun, so I thought it might be cool to bring it back!

Paperjack contemplates the meaning of life and pigeons:

“so once I saw a pigeon and it was like something where they have decided as far, but it went through and had had no effect? Has anyone experienced this?

As far as I know, something where they have decided as far must be experienced by pigeons otherwise you cannot and will be unable to feed bread to ducks in the park. If not a crawl in three dimensional head trip crab space past the rhubarb patch should be able to assist with this conundrum. Hope this helps and with this knowledge you have a successful and fruitful life.

EpsilonEagle contemplates the meaning of death and video game characters:

What is your opinion on character death in RPGs? Particularly in regards to playable characters? What’s the best way to go about it without pissing off the audience who might have mained said character?

That’s an excellent question. Characters dying can add realism to a story and make you feel more connected with it as it’s something intrinsically human that we all have to experience. Video games allow you to experience it with like wizards and shit.

I think Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4, 7, and even X did a good job of making it interesting.

That being said , when you spend 100+ hours with a character trying to power them up and they get murdered off (like in Final Fantasy 7) I could see it being a bit frustrating.

Starfield had a moment where I really ended up liking a character, had a marriage ceremony and everything. Out of nowhere on a mission she gets attacked and killed unexpectedly. And my autosave wiped my ability to recover her. It sucked. But that’s life sometimes.

FutureDays shares a concern over the dangers of further human exploration of space:

“If there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what”

Generally speaking, hitting people with rocks and killing them is pretty fucked up. But I mean if you’re hungry and the only thing around to eat is another person then maybe it can be okay if you hit them with a rock and kill them. Space be crazy like that sometimes.

Or maybe if it’s in self-defense, like the other guy is also trying to kill you violently with a moon rock. Then that’d probably be okay too. There’s no laws against being murdered on the moon yet.

Splat considers picking up a prehistoric pet:

“Dear @dosm├Žn how do I raise a triceratops?”

Great question! First you must locate a mad scientist or a rogue it person carrying dinosaur DNA in a shaving cream can.

Have a scientist produce an egg for you.

Wait however long it takes Triceratops to be born. (3 to 6 months according to Google!?)

Oh and watch out for the poop…….

That is all for the first episode of GW Mailbag Returns! Be sure to leave a comment here with a question that you want answered. You could also leave it in the mailbag channel over on our discord (link here).

Until next time, beware of the pants stealing gnomes!! <3

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