GW Mailbag Episode 2 : Electric Boogaloo

Episode 2 was the best Star Wars, Electric Boogaloo was a sequel, This post is a sequel. Sequels and remasters akin to the FF7 remake are fine, they show light on backstory and characters we love in ways we never seen before; Be that in a new chapter of a story, or a refined focus on things overlooked (as in the FF7 games being old story, but re-written and re-imagined and i guess in a way ‘new’) . What is not cool– is the Red Dead 2 or Skyrim model of adding some rendered upscaling, textures or small QoL patches to a game that has no added value off of the 10 year old game it is based on. This is a vagrant cash-grab of shit. Obsoletion of an old version due to update ( Overwatch2 , Counter Strike 2, Rocksmith 2014 ) is also bullshit.

Freewill is a pretty decent track! It isn’t a ‘top 10’ but its still a bop and has a great message!
You Mean Double Agent? Jesus, that is a B-Side if I ever heard one! I did get to see them play both this and Freewill Live at R40 tho!
Autonomics? The Priests of Temples of Syrinx already did that– It doesn’t sound to helpful aside from the rolodex of knowledge.

Oh wait, you were serious and not talking about our Beloved sacred Saints of Canada. Well
Freewill is an illusion, choice is optional but realistic. Agency like modeling agencies? or Bond Double Agents? Now I’m asking the Q’s insteqd of Qnswering them! Autonomy is in our future, if UBI becomes reality when AGI is achieved, that would be nice.

Mole people are people too! even if they wear through clothes often and quite pudgy for how much physical labour they often exert! Fish people are my people, being from an island in the Atlantic, I’ve probably met a merfolk/ triton/ aquatic homunculi before on a weekend teer.

I’m a bartender for a better part of 10+ years. So I’ve crafted and consumed a fair few. But I guess My favourite Drink evolved as I grew up. From Malibu rum, to a local gin with CRUSH pop, to Whiskey Sours, to now– a Triple Jameson Irish whiskey on 2 rocks of ice, and a half of a lime squeezed into it. Strong and clean.

As for GW’s official drink? I would have to make a Cocktail Foget would approve of, or he’d have my head!

So here’s a quick whip cocktail!

The Porcupine-cone

  • 1 oz of BeefEater ‘Lemon & Ginger’ Gin (or a heavier ‘pine’ profile gin)
  • 1/2oz of Amaro Montenegro
  • 1/2oz of apple juice
  • 1/4oz of white vinegar
    Mix together in a shaker , measuring cup, or plastic bag of your choice with some crushed ice.
    Shake well for 10-16 seconds. Put 2 ice cubes in a Tall Glass, Pour out mix into the tall glass trying to filter out the ice.
    Top up with Ginger-Ale (or if you happen to have access to it, a ‘Birch’ beer/soda ) , add a pinecone propped onto the edge of the glass like a like wedge, Voila! Classy, Pine-y, Floral zest, acidic bitterness (Just like Foget would like), and a bit of garden based bubbly soda. 👌
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  1. Awesome mailbag with a lot of charm. Gonna have to try mixing up that drink sometime.

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