GW Week in Review #2

Welcome to another GW Week in Review!!

I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week, so I’m gonna keep this one kinda short.

Art of J.S Longstreet

J.S. Longstreet (a.k.a. most places as Dudesoft) has been in the GamingW community for a very long time. Lately, they have been contributing quite a bit to our art thread over here.

Here’s some examples of that they’ve been working on lately:

Dudesoft also has an active comic project that he’s been working on which is coming along nicely. The fifth chapter is being worked on right now.

Screenshots of the Week

Narcodis has been hard at work for quite a while now. He has been working on his game “The Looming Spire” which is a nice mix of Metroidvania, RPG, and RPG Maker 2003 dark magic.

He also has a demo that you can play now!

We also have a new screenshot from the next chapter of EpsilonEagle’s game Astral Fantasy. You can play the demo which covers the first three hours.

GW Monthly Game Making Challenge for November

Let’s get ready to make some awesome games in November! We already have 10 folks joining in on the fun and I look forward to seeing what yall come up with. Feel free to join yourself!

Inspired by 1GAM, the goal is to make a fun, well polished vertical slice of a game. Feel free to work as a team or work solo, and remember to keep the scope of the game low enough.

You are welcome to use assets that are premade, or do everything from scratch. When you’re ready feel free to submit through At the end of the month, we will play through the games live and give our thoughts feedback.

The theme for the month will be announced on the 1st.

It may seem like a monumental challenge to develop a game in such a short time frame. But I know you can do it! May you all backflippe your way to success.

Question of the week:

What motivates you to create (be it art or games)?

Leave a comment below with your answer and I look forward to reading / talking about them!

Till next time, cheers!

2 responses to “GW Week in Review #2”

  1. I’d have to say part of it is ego. Like “I made this,” a sense of pride with my creations and stuff.

    1. Heck yeah, it’s a good feeling to be proud of what you create for sure.

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