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To assist those new to game development I thought that it would be useful to compile a list of game engines


Free to use:


Unreal is a powerful 3D engine with a visual scripting language. You can also use C++ if you prefer to get more technical. 

Godot (highly recommended)

Godot is a very versatile 2D / 3D engine. It is open source and free to use. There’s plenty of great resources to learn how to use it on youtube, and it also has its own detailed documentation and resources on the website. There are also a ton of example projects available for you to take a look at.. 


A great engine for making visual novel type games. 

From the Website:

Ren’Py is a visual novel engine – used by thousands of creators from around the world – that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell interactive stories that run on computers and mobile devices. These can be both visual novels and life simulation games. The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for complex simulation games.

Ren’Py is open source and free for commercial use.


If you want to make an interactive story without a single line of code, then check out Twine!

From the website:

Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

You don’t need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you’re ready.

Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.


A nice engine made for 2D games and uses lua for the language.

LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. 

It’s free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

GB Studio

GBStudio allows you to make your very own OG Gameboy and Gameboy Colors. It will give you a ROM and also export to HTML5 so that you can play it right from your page. No code required, this is a really good option for someone who has no programming experience but is good with art / sound.

Adventure Game Studio

Used to make classic Lucasarts esque point and click adventure games.


Defold is built to work well on many different platforms, and can be used for a variety of different types of games 2D and 3D. It is 2D focused, but capable of making decent 3D games as well.


RPG Maker 2000

A time-test game engine for producing turned based RPGs in the style of Dragon Quest. You can make other things in it, but it takes a bit more work to pull off something like a platformer.

RPG Maker 2003

Like 2003, but with more features and it runs better out of the box. Has a sideview ATB combat system.

RPG Maker XP

This version allows you to go a bit further with things by opening up the engine to run custom Ruby scripts. 

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker MV opens things up even more, and this time allows you to write and use custom plugins written in Javascript.

RPG Maker MZ

The latest version that’s worth using (RPG Maker Unite sucks). Has a more optimized engine, and allows for more complex particle effects. 

These are available on Steam, and are good for 2D turn based RPGs or story driven adventure games.

Other Commercial Engines

NES Maker

Ever wanted to write your own NES games that run on native hardware? Check this out.


You can make many types of games using this engine, and has a visual block based scripting language. You can export to HTML5 with this engine.


Pico-8 is a fantasy console with a built in development kit. Similar to a GBC in terms of power, it’s a very capable engine with a lot of resources available for those getting started.


GameMaker allows you to make games of all types. This is also another engine with a great community and a lot of awesome resources available for it. 



Monogame is a game framework based on XNA / C# that allows you to make full fledge 3D / 2D games.


LibGDX is a library for Java that allows you to make 2D and 3D games.

Assets / Resources

This list includes free graphics and sounds that you can use on your game permission. Some are CC-0 (no credit needed) and some require that you give credit. 


This website has tons of free to use resources(3D models, sounds, textures, and more). 

Each asset has its own attribution requirements so make sure to read the descriptions carefully but there is a lot of creative commons / public domain stuff there. 


Creative Commons Music by Rachel Wil Sha

Final Boss Blues OpenRTP Tiles

Jetrotal’s Sprite Creator

Refmap RPG Maker Tiles


Lots of free cc0 / public domain sounds for you to use in your projects.

Hope these resources help you out on your gamedev journey!

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