GW Week in Review #1

Let’s go over some cool things going on in GamingW space and beyond.

Welcome to the first iteration of GW Week in Review.

In these blog entries, we’ll go over cool stuff going on with members in our community. If you have anything cool you want to have featured in the blog, feel free to message me on Discord, the forums, or the official BlueSky/Twitter channels.

RPG Gaming…. in SPAAACCCEE!!

First up, we have the demo of Astral Fantasy by EpsilonEagle.


It’s a very fun space opera style RPG with a lot of custom made stuff. It has some parts which are a bit rough around the edges but I had a lot of fun playing it. Give it a try today!

Here’s an overview of the game as posted on Itch.IO:

Galactic Year 24252. The place is the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Andromedan Wars ended with the collapse of the Kodai Federation, and the ruination of the once prosperous Astral League. It is a difficult time of rebuilding across the galaxy, many worlds were either destroyed or left in ruins, and the Astral League has fallen into corruption and decadence. The nefarious criminal organization Blood Diamond and their rivals, the Epoch Planets Corporation have begun a war of their own to claim what remains of the Astral League, influencing the League’s government to their own ends with innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

As this happens, an even greater threat approaches the galaxy – an unknown invading force intent on conquering and destroying everything in their path. After the peaceful planet Melmon falls under their control, the young freelance fighter Maya tries to go to Valis, the capital of the Astral League, to warn of the approaching invasion.

This demo covers the first three hours of Astral Fantasy. In this demo you will get the opportunity to use three characters and master a number of magic spells and deadly skills to fight an army of space pirates, robots, alien monsters and the deadly cybernetic invaders of Melmon.

He has been hard at work further developing the title, and has been working on creating new custom art for the game.

Riggy2k3 also did a play-through of the game which you can check out (over here).
Feel free to check out his topic on the Discord.

GW Chaingame 2022-2023

Awesome cover art made by Madolah

The release of our first community effort to make a chaingame is coming soon! OK_CPU has been hard at work to make sure that the ending is as high quality as can be.

The story of the Chaingame is as follows:

Long ago, in an ancient land known as “Gaming World”, the precursors found a relic known as the Maker’s Mark.

With this power, they were able to create the worlds of their dreams. If they could imagine it, then it would come into being.

Out of the darkness of the hearts of man emerged the Ghastly Darklord. He was bent on bringing about an Age of Destruction.

After a great and seemingly unending war,he was trapped away far beneath the Earth along with the Maker’s Mark.

The decendants escaped the now salt encrusted planet, hoping to find a new home.

You are an explorer travelling the stars. In your travels, you hear that nature is slowly returning to Gaming World.

The legend of the Maker’s Mark intrigues you, and so you decide to go down to the planet yourself to explore.

The game crafted together by these lovely folks:


  • 1.) @dosmaen  (Intro / Chapter 1 / QA)
  • 2.) @pigeonade 
  • 3.) @Decky
  • 4.) Pianotm (RMN) 
  • 5.) Bitmap Kid (GW Forums) 
  • 6.)  Sidewinder (rmn)
  • 7.)  OK_CPU 

Creative Assistance:

  • CBoyardee – Music
  • Ragnar – Music

Madolah – Art for title screen

Dudesoft – Art for Intro sequence. 047 – For giving us permission to use the awesome Knight Baggy tune that they put together. 

I hope you all look forward to checking it out. You can follow the game and be updated when it releases over here!

Ragnar’s New Tunes

Ragnar has been making music projects on GamingW since 200x, and he recently released a new album which you can check out here.

Farewell for now

Hope you enjoyed reading this and till next time continue to be excellent!

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